Ferry Ride from Bintan to Tanah Merah

If you suppose to land in the country of Indonesia and more precisely in the archipelago of Riau, you shall definitely make your way to the Bintan Islands.

Another interesting place located to the east of Singapore is Tanah Merah.


It is the ferry route that makes its way from the bintan to Tanah Merah ferry terminal, as a result of which, thankfully, the connection is no more a problem between Bintan and Singapore. However, much of the appreciation currently goes to the Bintan resort ferries, which is the sole company operating the service currently. It takes close to an hour for the sail travelling to complete. In a single week, the operation takes place up to 35 times usually. Needless to say, seasonal and climatic conditions does have a role to play when it comes to factors like frequency of operations and their duration.

It is private residencies mainly that make up most of the area of Tanah Merah. You will get to see clubs and hub of industries there as well. The area has good communication via bus transportation as well and remains well connected throughout various important parts of Singapore.

Tourists have a liking towards the Bintan Islands which boasts of a very pleasant surroundings. The various beach activities, lush green landscapes or simply playing golf – there is no dearth of excitement when it comes to spending time in this place.

You should actually think of visiting this place if you are making a visit to Singapore. It is an ideal location to spend some quality time with your family. The number of golf courses present in the Island is four and the count of beach resorts are five.

Bintan is covered by dense forest in most parts.


It is important to keep in mind that the time zone of Bintan is an hour earlier than the time zone of Singapore. This becomes as important consideration especially when you decide to avail the ferry service from Bintan to Tanah Merah terminal.

If you are considering to avail the service on weekdays then considering Bintan ferry time, the timings are around 09:35, 11:35, 14:35, 17:35 and 20:15. When it comes to weekends, the service operates at 08:35, 09:35, 11:35, 14:35, 15:35, 17:35 and 20:15. The timings on weekends are followed even on Public holidays as well.

You should ideally be collecting your pass to board on to the ferry at a minimum of 1.5 hours before the departure. If unfortunately you cannot make it even within 40 minutes of the scheduled departure time, your booking might get cancelled as well.

Don’t forget to bring along with you the important documents needed to clear immigration procedures. These include your Passport and Visa, the Embarkation card and lastly your Boarding Pass.